Sfera presents the processing stages of the glass: from bending carried out in compliance with UNI EN 14749 standards, to screen printing with special catalyst colours, engraving, sandblasting, cutting, right down to a special anticalcium and antibacterial treatment.

Bending ?

The bending department produces bent glass in compliance with UNI EN 14749 standards. The glass undergoes a heating process at high temperatures in order to soften it and let it be formed in a mould that supports it and allows it to be bent. The next stage is cooling, which is carried out very slowly so as not to overly stress the glass.

This department is backed by an in-house workshop where configurations that guarantee constant, prime quality products are designed and created.

Bending and tempering ?

The bending and tempering department is where the glass undergoes a heating cycle followed by a rapid cooling process that entails a stable transformation of the molecular structure of the glass, inducing permanent stresses that increase mechanical strength and heat shock resistance. The thermal tempering process is such that in the event of accidental breakage the glass will shatter into minute harmless fragments, in compliance with the safety requirements set forth in the EN 12150-1 standards. Our systems create prime quality products, characterized as follows:

  • Zero tong or mould marks;
  • Extremely low tolerances for radius of curvature;
  • Zero optical distortion;

In-house workshop where configurations that guarantee constant, prime quality products are designed and created.

Double glazed and stratified panels ?

They consist of two or more glass panels with a frame of variable thickness sandwiched in between on which glue is applied to make it adhere perfectly to the glass. The composition is then placed through a press in order to attain an airtight chamber between the two panels.

Screen printing ?

The screen-printing process entails the use of catalyst colours that harden by chemical reaction. Our systems can bend and temper screen-printed glass, with printing on the outside of the curvature (recommended for shower boxes).

Cutting - holes- grinding- engraving ?

The glass to be bent may have sustained other types processes beforehand such as engraving, screen-printing, acid etching, sandblasting, etc.

Anticalcium - antibacterial ?

Anticalcium and antibacterial treated glass is a type of glass on which a permanent protective coating is applied. The coating is made of a special non-stick resin that becomes an integral part of the glass and protects it against germs, fungi and viruses.

Download the presentation chart of the anticalcium and antibacterial treatment

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