Sfera’s  expertise and ongoing research has resulted in a highly advanced new curving concept: r20 tempered glass.

In addition to a refined shape that offers enhanced features – for instance in glass panels used for display counters – a glass pane with “narrow” bend radius provides more support surface than a same-size pane with over 50 mm bend radius.

What’s more, the fact of using only one pane – compared to a 90° curved glass panel made by gluing two panes together – provides enhanced benefits because it guarantees improved mechanical resistance, makes cleaning easier, and eliminates the risk of germs that develop in fissures between glue joins.

Lastly, this new type of tempered, monolithic glass pane with variable curvature can also be used in those fields of application where thermal tempered safety glass is mandatory, such as bathroom furnishings, display counters, lighting fixtures, electrical appliances, aquariums and the building industry in general.

Technical tempered glass R20

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