Applications and Products

The company operates in a vast variety of sectors including shower boxes, electrical appliances, refrigeration, interior furnishings, lighting, and the building industry as well as special applications where peak focus is placed on safety. Sfera operates according to the customer’s design requirements and can provide support to designers during the various stages in order to satisfy the customer’s needs in the most absolute way possible.

Bent glass for shower boxes 

3 to 10 millimetre thick glass for shower boxes and tub enclosures with 1 or 2 doors. These products can be made in tempered glass. The application of a special coating on the surface of the glass prevents calcium stains from forming and moreover makes cleaning much easier. 

Glass extraction hoods 

6,8,10 mm thick with hole at the centre or on the side. Also available with printing on the outside of the curvature. In standard and tempered glass.

Glass for home furnishings, sink and wash basin tops 

Wall and ceiling fixtures, ceiling ducts and pendant lights. Can be made with standard and tempered glass.

Glass for lighting fixtures 

Appliques, plafoniere, canalette e lampadari a soffitto. Eseguibili in vetro normale e temprato.

Bent glass for refrigerated counters 

Glass for refrigerated display counters. Also available with antibacterial protection. On the customer’s request we can issue a compliance certificate, which certifies that our glass can come into contact with foodstuffs. 

Glass for the building industry 

Glass for double-glazed panels. Ideal for the internal partitioning of rooms or large specification windows. Can be made with standard and tempered glass.

Types of packing 

Sfera proposes different types of packing solutions to satisfy diverse customer needs and special transport requirements.

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